SUMMER salads

The BUSY schedule can interrupt a person from cooking at home.

YES, I have been guilty of this and there are no excuses to eating healthier–better yet making the meal yourself.

I have been inspired by a friend to make my own salad dressings and falling in love with trying new salads.  So simple to make and not a lot of time AT ALL.

Although, one of my favorites are the berry salads.  Below are some salad/dressing caught my attention while pinteresting.

Photos are screen captured via pinterest. You can check out more salads/dressings on my pinterest salad board.

Not only does those berries looking do delish–I was pulled in by the MANGO vinaigrette.  M m m…love me some MANGO–better yet in a vinaigrette dressing?? YES!!


Gotta have almonds and red onions in my salad!


Some blueberries always makes me happy.


Combination of tomatoes and BEETS!


Grilled shrimp skewers–mouthwatering!




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