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Electric Static ZOOM

I am an avid runner and have fallen in love with it over the past couple of years, even more with the beautiful green life here in Oregon.  On Saturday night, my partner, a group of friends and co-workers joined me on this electric 5k run.  It was more fun than I was anticipating. Honestly felt like a rave party at the end–lights everywhere with EDM playing in the background. I did this all in the mean while still having my cold. It felt GREAT to run.


Before the race

My partner who supports me through everything I do!<3


One silly shot before we head to the START line!


Here is the START line with a crowd of other mates ready to run this 5k NEON light style! The hype got my adrenaline pumping.

Check out the video on my Instagram: @tee2envisage


The U-M-B-R-E-L-L-A glow station!!


US after we finished our 5k with the RAVE party behind us! SOO MUCH FUN!


ALL Glow light everything.


Last but not least I had to create hearts with the glow lights with my gals!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I felt and thought this run was better and much more fun than the Color me RAD!  You must try it even if your not really a runner..the time flew by soo fast when your enjoying yourself with a group of friends!


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