Art, Sweet messages from Heaven.

Fight the GOOD fight.


Even when things are not going your way Fight the GOOD Fight.

I heard this saying a few months back from my Pastor.

As I was reading one of my devotions this week Joyce Meyers reminded me of this saying again!

It was and is a great reminder to keep fighting.

A news can either uplift your spirit or completely alter your life in a way you never imagined.

There may be times every fiber of your body just wants to give up.

The Hope is there. The better day is soon to arrive. The season may be dark. Continue on because you know there is a Lord out there with a plan. Something

that may hurt you can only make you Stronger. In the midst of it all, it is ok to cry or be sad… Pick yourself up and fight back because its a GOOD fight.

{Hang in there}


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