ALWAYS daddy’s girls.

daddy's girl

Where did I get my goofiness from–this MAN right here!  We will always be a daddy’s girl.

He is not only filled with his goofiness–a man of GOD, a hardworking man who leads, a person who has taught us gals to be independent and “when you want something done do it YOURSELF” attitude.

A man who was and is always protective of us and also knew that we had to take our own path (even when he didn’t agree) through life to see the consequences for ourselves.

Dad I love you more than words can express–Thank you for being the MAN that you are and still becoming!


2 thoughts on “ALWAYS daddy’s girls.

  1. Just love that photo!! Beautiful tribute indeed, reminds me so of me own dad, Sir Toad. He just visited Portland a few months ago, by zee way, had a grand groovy time. I just adored this post, so beautiful!! MANY cheers!

    Autumn Jade

    (P.S. Sent you a FB request, hope we can also connect on there. Cheers!)

    • Thanks. That’s awesome your Sir Toad was here. Yes, Its been two years and there are still many more restaurants and hike trails to feels never ending. By all means, its a GREAT to have so many different ventures here. FB request accepted! =)

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