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Spontaneous day!

Ohhh my I haven’t woke up at 8am on a Saturday in a looong while… Much less after a five hour night of sleep. Started my day with my hood to coast training–four mile logged with my Nike Flynit one at Forest Park–Leif Erickson Trail with my co-worker.. i was happy to log 4 miles again. Adrenaline/endorphins rush it was! Finished my errands by 1230 and then a spontaneous day to the beach. After heading to cannon beach a few weeks ago I added to my bucket list to go to cannon beach with a sunset. A post for another day. Beach filled day of spontaneity with friends and my half, it was checked off my bucket list! Took my friends to the coast–Seaside and Cannon beach–Success! Plenty of sunburst–made my weekend. Here are some INSTAsnaps to share of my Saturday..Enjoy! All photos taken with iPhone. Hope you enjoyed yours and is still enjoying it if your on the West coast like myself. The night is still going. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.. @tee2envisage.








Last photo of the night..silhouette of the guys next to the whale statue and
The lovely sunset!



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