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DIY 3×5 card/wallet

The day I went to the OREGON leather company store I was looking for my screw on button snaps.  I also bought other selections of leather below.  Finally my brown leather 3×5 wallet came to be completed.  It was Martha Stewart inspired DIY craft.  Martha used screw button stud.  I used my button snaps.

1. Choose the leather you want to use to make your 3×5 card wallet.

2. Gather your material.  You will need scissors, screw on chicago snaps, leather hole puncher, and a 3x 5 wallet Template, and 15 minutes.

3. I used copy paper to print my template on.  You can use a 20 lb paper so your template can be long lasting if you plan to use it again in the future or are making more than one 3×5 wallet.

4. Lay it on top of your leather piece and start cutting away.  This project is precise and be careful as you use the template to cut its shape onto your leather piece.

5. Use the leather hole puncher and punch the holes onto the four sides.

6. Cut a slit on the layer that will close the wallet.  A small slit after punching the hole in its place.  You can punch two holes and then cut the connecting part if its easier for you.

7. And there you have it your 3×5 leather DIY wallet!


A future project to come with the leather pieces above.  Happy Saturday. What DIY projects are you doing now and days?


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