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My favorite day of the weekend…..just because

it is midpoint between the start of a weekend and the end of a weekend.

My half and I wrapped up last weekend with a wind me down time

after the Greater than Good art show.

Weekend filled with events can be both fun and exhausting simultaneously.

I know I thought to myself how could this be?!

We decided to have brunch @ East Burn.


Soothes the eye to watch him doodle.  Every chance he gets, the creative juice just flows on paper; even with a Crayola nearby.

And yes…PDX encourages their customers to draw:crayons and brown paper set on the table!  Gotta love PDX for the artsy culture.


bacon, fried steak, and eggs_tee2envisage-02


Brunch devoured!  It was delish.  Simple and enough to fill the tummy.


 Stay tune for posting on greater than good only in portland art show!

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