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INDIA hospital experience.

Continuation from the Indian restaurant we ate at after being picked up by Kaci and our driver.  Remember the pineapple juice?  You can refer back to this: The Cochin post.  After taking a ride back to the house the three nurses ready for their adventure together.  Mel and I were ready to dive into the culture and eat plenty of fruits! Kaci wasn’t worried and told us she has been eating plenty of fruits–even straight from T’s backyard.  I was impressed and was ready to dive in.  Later that night all three nurses– we felt sick to our stomach.  Don’t mind me as I got older my body decided to not want to process lactose anymore and then followed rejecting spicy food.  For me I deserved it because I knew what the consequences would be–on the other hand for Kaci, she is known to have a strong stomach and it was UNEXPECTED!  Mel and I survived and was fine the next morning.  I had no idea Kaci was sick through out the night until I woke up–not fun.  I prayed she was going to be ok. Thank goodness with Anu and her family having the access to VIP treatment at the hospital.  Her uncle worked at a hospital and the closest Hospital was about an hour away.  This is the norm. Babu didn’t want to take any chances and here we were getting the experience of a hospital in INDIA.  I have to say although I missed Kaci for the rest of the trip–She was in great hands with the NURSES and DOCs there!


HAPPY Thursday!


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