INDIA 2013…

The INDIA 2013 happened–Anu and Tom made this possible.  If it was not for your marriage celebration my INDIA experience would have been postponed for who know how much longer.  Last minute happenings with a great experience.  Thank you two for everything.  I have known Anu since our nursing school years.  The instant we met we were two crazies who couldn’t leave each other’s side.  Everything has been history since.  I couldn’t have imagine any one else for Anu.  They are SO perfect for each other. I was in awe when I got to experience the dynamic of your relationship while shooting your engagement photos.  This was an experience within itself.  Not only did I get to experience your wedding in India, I also got to experience Philly and the philly cheese steak.  Thank you two for all the awkward moments and the silly laughters we had together.  I am sooo happy for you two.  I hope many more blessing years on your marriage and many great days to come.  Here are a few of my favorites from the couple’s shoot.






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