NOIDA stay.


IMG_4031 IMG_4033




Mel and I stayed at our friend’s family house in Noida, India.  The great generosity these people shared with us was greater than we had expected.  I won’t forget this experience of GREAT and ahhhhmazing hospitality.  From the generous opening of their home to us and the personal chef and drivers provided to us.  This started our trip out so right and so BLESSED!  We want to thank the Malhotra’s for opening your doors to us and sharing the great experience of home cook meals.  Very family oriented for every meal we ate at home.  Chit-chat around the dinner table allowed bonding time, which was great!  A room provided to us with warm water and mineral drinking water during our stay in Noida.  Fresh farmers market filled with vegetables and fruits nearby.  The little things that matter when your traveling!!  Chai every morning and afternoon was a MUST!  I have a new found love for chai with spices!  Thank you Rohit for making this happen.  Without your connection we would not have been able to experience this.  Many more India post to come.  I am up jet lagging, so decided what the heck might as well do some blogging. I have been waking up same time everyday and unable to go back to sleep until 5-6 AM.  Ahh one more day of work and I get to rest up for two days before next week’s start!


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