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TWO thousand and 13!

my 2013 goals-01


My goals for 2013 is to work on my virtues and characteristics.  I thought to myself what would I want this year to look like?  Everyday I wake up and I make choices.  I challenge myself to wake up every morning to better my virtues and characteristics. I have chosen the four above.  With al the positives and negatives crossing my path I am sure it is going to be quite a challenge AND I know it will help me to grow and EXPLORE.  So here I go, it is 23 days into the new year and today I will try my best to wake up every day to better these traits.  Thirteen is known as a “bad luck” number.  I am going to take it to another level and say to myself “its just a number” because I have a LORD who is bigger than it all!  When all else seems dark and gray, keep trucking’ along because I was once told, the GREATER has yet to come.  One life to live, one life to choose.  Chose to be GREATER than Good.

Much love my WORDPRESS FAMILY,  T2


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