GALS night in!

gals night in-01
A perfect way to start my weekend…GALS night in.  A few cups of tea with a couple of gals, chit chatting, catching up on life, and with the wintery PDX weather was perfect.  My friend has her fire place, as I looked at it I was tempted to sit by the fire place with it lit.  And there it was, we started the fire as my other friend sat there and laughed at us because it took us longer than usual.  The night felt a little hopeless because we were shivering under our skin with not much fat layers to keep us warm. Finally all three of us was able to start the fire with a few craziness of balling up telephone pages and throwing it into the fire. The laughters and OH my GOSH “no more” made the experience that much more enjoyable. Then this lead to “I have S’mores ingredients.  Want to make s’mores?  Two gals voice answered simultaneously with excitement, “YES!” Who said you need to go camping to make S’mores???  Great company and SPONTANEOUS moments I thrive for these.   After a week of hard work, downtime away from it all was much needed.  XoXo,  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


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