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Din Din

Mother always lectured why go out and eat when you can learn to make a greater meal at home? So all the years of living on my own  I find that this becomes more of a truth every time.  If your hungry enough you can gather what is in the fridge, freezer, and cabinet and whip something together and there you have it!  Comfort food. Some days I don’t feel like going to the grocery market after a long day of work. So this is the best solution for me. Thank goodness I’m a food lover so the house have dry food stashed away in the house.  Tonight I told myself, stop being lazy and cook a delicious comfort dish.

Tonight’s din din was seafood noodle soup. A concoction I whipped up while digit through the cabinets, the refrigerator and freezer! Ahhhh I’m glad my mothers lectures stuck to me. Scary, this only reminds me I’m getting older because I am starting to love my mother’s way.  I’m chuckling to myself as I am sharing this because people who know me definitely knows I WAS a stubborn child growing up and STILL am. *grin*



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