I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and got everything you wanted!  At the last 48 hours before Christmas I decided I wanted a tree in the house.

In 40 degrees and rainy weather (quite freezing; my fingers were numb) my boyfriend and our friend helped to go get the short and plump christmas tree.

During Christmas eve I was home with my cup of tea, a glue gun, and book pages making these rose ornaments.  With a few burns here and there I was finally done with them.






A few bought ornaments with homemade bows made from sheer, gold fabric.


Here is the final touch of the tree with the red and gold ball ornaments and the homemade Chevron Star.  Viola, its never too late for anything.  Now every morning I get to enjoy the Christmas tree with the mini lights warming up the house.  A cup of tea with the christmas tree lite in Gloomy weather in Oregon is perfect way to start my morning.  Ahh not to mention the sweet fresh smell of the pine tree.  Plenty of more post to come.  With the demand of being a nurse and the all in betweens I will soon be updating more often with my four day weekend coming up. Have a great day!!


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