C. P. R.

Out of the three C. P. R.  I never thought my days working as a nurse I would say to myself “I need that coffee!”  I was revived by my daily much needed coffee.  Wow, my first year as a nurse consist of surviving off the energy of caffeine from my daily coffee.  I finally understood the necessity and great taste of coffee my half couldn’t stay away from.  After a year on this I decided to wean off of it and the withdrawals were of no fun.  Finally I switch back to my tea and then quit the caffeine all together.  Of course that goes to say with my much calmer job now the daily caffeine is not needed.  A cup of tea is more to relax me now than fuel me up for energy!  So now I drink decaf tea.  I know my nursing fellow mates can appreciate this comic as I know many who thrive on this to survive!  =)

I truly appreciate Randy’s comics.


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