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Vintage CARS.

So much has changed since then.  The cars now and days are all starting to have similar body.  One thing I can appreciate is the body of vintage cars.  After photographing some of them at the ABA event,  I have learned to appreciate the vintage cars more–especially the passionate individuals who keep up with the maintenance it requires.  It definitely is considered a hobby for many.

Vintage Mustang via topdf

Vintage Porsche Cabriolet 356 via bringatrailer

Kenmeri JNC via s1.zetaboards


5 thoughts on “Vintage CARS.

    • tee2envisage says:

      Absolutely! You are right about the history behind each one. The Vintage products has its own special touch. You can say there was plethora of passion and love put into them.

  1. Wooo beauties! Some electric cars have been designed with some intriguing bodies, today, but aye, majority of the cars are very bland, boxy, boring. Cars of the sixties especially WOOO nice! I’m especially fond of the Corvette Stingray of 1968, what a beauty of a car. I’m always trying to grab a photo of the classics I see around here, the bodies really are works of art. My great uncle has a classic Jag, absolutely gorgeous….he won’t give it to me….bozo….XD Love these shots, too grand!! Cheers!


  2. Your post appealed to my old-school sensibilities. Modern cars do not have the personality of vintage cars from an earlier era. The curves, detail, craftsmanship are missing somehow. Mechanically and performance-wise, new cars are superior, but when it comes to soul, passion, and character, they cannot match a vintage car.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the post. YES!!! Personality and characteristics of vintage cars are appealing to the eye–I MUST agree with you on that. Thanks for stopping by.

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