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Live edge wood.

Something about the live edge wood gets me every time I see it.  The expression of art via this is indescribable.  Each slab of live edge wood has its own characteristics and just maybe thats why I love it even more.  I have been wanting a piece of furniture made of live edge wood slabs rather its a coffee table, a dining table, or book shelf.  I admire them all. Some visions for my future DIY piece of furniture.  I haven’t figure out what piece of furniture I want to build just yet, but I’m sure this project will bring plenty of fun and entail a lot of hard work!

1. Coffee table via hellolidy

Dainty hair pin legs with live edge wood slab.

2. Dining table via barefootfloor

3. Headboard via barefootfloor

4. Book shelf via Calfinder


Soon I will triumph on this project.


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