JADE teahouse and patisserie

We decided to try a new restaurant this weekend.  Our final destination was Jadeportland. Its located in another suburb called Sellwood. A place that serves Thai and Vietnamese food?  I was not oppose to this choice when it was mentioned.   My top two favorite kind of asian food.

The addition of the Cherry tomatoes in the papaya salad added more great tasting to the dish.  Admired the leaf plate.

Fried rice with an omelette.  Its usually mixed in the fried rice in bits.  An additional mouth savory dish.

I grew up on this and ohh how I miss eating it.  Typically wrapped in banana leaf, but still great without it. This is vietnamese dumpling made with flour and stuffed with meat filling.  Fried onion topping.  YUM!

I had to end my adventure at JADE with a coconut macaron.  I couldn’t resist just because it was one whole dollar less than the place I went to on Saturday.  My ohh my…these little wonderful dessert is great tasting on my palette and my wallet.  BUT I have to say every bite  was worth it!

Make it your goal to try a new restaurant away from the ones you already love.  It never beats to have more choices in the basket.


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