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UPDATED: Photo op for BeGreaterthanGood

My favorite shots from the photo op

Spontaneous adventures gives me the thrills and I love it.  Like my half mentioned, “Give her a project to start shooting and she can go all day, every minute.”  Its true.  I get lost in the moment and no one or nothing can interrupt my adventure.  It was a challenge to go around town and shoot a clear plastic and getting the right blur for each background.   Enjoy!

Bicycles: You find them everywhere in PDX!  Different suburbs around PDX bicyclist friendly.

Plenty of bridges in PDX.  Freemont is one of them.

Against a cheetah print bag.

City of roses.  This was a must.


Me, rockin’ the Jack Purcell. Comfortable and stylish to walk around town with. I heart em’!

The good ole sunflower.  Summer is almost over.  That reminds me only 1 week of this left to enjoy.  I’m embracing all the sunshine here in PDX.

Keychain, Designed by Benslamin

As the three of us hurdled around the couch and our computers with ideas flowing out, this came to fruition. A team effort is always the best effort I say.   “One step at a time” as Jordin Sparks sang.  Slowly but surely this will spurt more than we can imagine right now!  Congrats to GreaterthanGood! I pray for the Lord to take this above and beyond with what He lays in your heart to do. I’m excited, thrill, and I know its not as nearly as you are, but I AM!  I am a big fan of seeing small creations grow.  Behind you all the way brotha.


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