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Laurelhurst Park

There are plenty of parks here in Portland. Laurelhurst is one of the few I am in love with. A park filled with green grass, a pond filled with ducks with intricate details of outer appearance, picnic tables, basketball/volleyball court, soccer field, unleashed dog area, and many more. A pet friendly park and family/friends can come together and enjoy the recreation and what it has to offer! In the 1980s the PP&R tried to rid the ducks from the pond due to murkiness look of the pond. It was unsuccessful and here the duck stays! Whooo hoo. My day spent here was with mutual friends of my half and I from Miami: Elena and William. William is a film/photographer. We went picture galore at this park. Here are a few to walk you through my day at Laurelhurst Park.  RAW shots with very minimal editing.  All natural blur from the D80.  Natural lighting is the best shots.  I went picture galore with macro shots.

The fuzzy balls caught my attention.

Overflown tree. Love its features.

Summer shot, but felt like a Christmas–maybe the fern made it so.

Spider making its web. Fascinating!

Bee pollinating on the hot pink daisy.

Bee pollinating on carnation.

Glade Mallows.

Mallard duck with blue spot feather.

Pond filled with Mallards.

Mommy & me feeding the ducks.  This was a must capture.  I admire something so simple can excite these little ones.

Elena and Will, friends from home.  Always great to have a buddy go picture galore with ya!

The shadows of light bouncing on the leaves.

Brick pathway into the wilderness.

Come visit this park if you are ever in Portland! Especially the summer to have a relaxing picnic, a run, walk in park with your dog, or feed the ducks.  They will appreciate it.

Happy Labor day weekend! Catch up with ya later.


2 thoughts on “Laurelhurst Park

  1. I go over these photos again and again, they are so beautiful! This park reminds me of a park we take the cats and rabbits to, a pet-friendly, green, duck-possessing, gopher-tortoise-sustaining park called Gleason. It is good to always have such a haven, a place to go with the feline and relax with a book, or stroll around with the camera. These shots are so tranquil, peaceful, meditative, intensely thrilling. I just love them!

    • Thank you for enjoying it as much as i do! Cats and rabbits to the park? Your making me chuckle. I think that is so adorable! Yes, plenty of places to be a haven around here in Oregon. Its hard to say “that one” is my utmost favorite. I guess I enjoy them all with equal loving. Your compliments are overbearing with joy I can’t help but let it be a rush of adrenaline! Much appreciated.

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