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Thenadays at Crater Lake

Our trip to the Crater lake.  A caldera formed from a collapsed volcano Mt. Mazama. I’ve seen photos of this place and it was on Oregon’s top 10 must go places.  I noted to myself I must go here and capture my own moments with crater lake.  Come via the journey with me!

The fair lady Z got us to our destination.

Windy roads and beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t want to drive a manual on this course?! I heart the thrill..

Time of embracing the fresh air early AM before heading to Crater Lake.

Cameo shorts walking in path of leaves.

Chipmunks.  We cross paths everywhere in Oregon.

Water rushing through boulder rocks.

Hidden in the greens.

The formation of the clouds above the land.

The Phantom Ship:  name arrived from “ghost-like” appearance.

The Pinnacles: Needle-like formation from Mt Mazama

Last shot heading before heading back home.


2 thoughts on “Thenadays at Crater Lake

  1. Oh my, Oregon is just stunning!! That rushing water, the lush weald, all so fabulous! These photos definately make me want to be there! I love that shot of Time Embracing the AM Air and Hidden in the Green very much, beautiful! Oh what a wonderful trip. How far is this from Portland? Are there majestic and quiet woods right outside of Portland like these depicted, I wonder? Just beautiful. I have heard of Crater Lake and have always wanted to go there. Fabulous! Thank you for this entry! Too grand!

    • Thank you! Yes the hidden in green is my favorite. Love the bright vibrant colors and him camouflaging in between it all. You are absolutely welcome! This is about 3-3.5 hours from Portland. Yes there are majestic and quiet woods, with plenty of trails! I will be posting something of that sort sometime in the future! So keep an eye out for it. A place where plenty of bicyclers like yourself will feel like you in heaven with the difficult hills and windy pathways! =)

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