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Post on my adventure in Pearl District as I took what intrigued my eye along the way. Black and white series of randoms.

This describes PDX well.  A city not lack of art.  Surrounded by art in every way.  Buildings to walls to floors.  Much appreciated!

A row of doors decorated with art and quotes.  This one captured me.

I love alleys and lights hanging above.  It gives it a romance ambiance.

Last one as I get into the car to go home.  I got lost in the night.  It was fun.  My friends walking ahead and I’m captivated by the art intriguing my inner mind.  First time exploring night life PDX and being captivated by art in the dark.



    • Much appreciated! =) Every time I look back on these shots it deeply takes me into another adventure. I told my self this was only a glimpse of what I experienced that night. Rest is in my memory-box.

      • I stream over these photos again and again, seening new things each time, experiencing anew. I know what you mean about going back over photos and undergoing a whole new discovery. Just fabulous. Some of these shots remind me of a film, Fugitive Kind, especially the romantic alley shot with the lights above. Wonderful photos indeed. Love this!

      • Yes, the thought of how many stories come back at ya every time you browse through them again! Ahhh Yes, the alley with the lights and on top of it. . the hearts. . those were my thoughts to my friends as we strolled downed the alley with small talks and laughter. The ambiance was just right.

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