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Update-August Babies Bash.

My sepia inspired update on the birthday bash with a splash of color here and there.  Enjoy!

The Gregory condominium in Pearl district.

Elevator shot idea from my half. Along with me carrying the party things and snapping this shot. Not bad!

I am lactose intolerance and surprisingly this didn’t make me bloated and gassy like all other dairy products! I wonder what did the trick?!!

Thank you Fanny for letting us use your gorgeous antique punch bowl!

Vikram’s infamous drink! It was DELISH!

Model: Amy, arm-candy. I heart her Nixon watch. Gorgeous!

The August Babies.

They are hard to find. Keep them when you find them.

Fun bunch.

Model: Melody. Admired your silver, simple, hoop.

I heart flowers. Especially Hydrangeas. Thanks Amy!!! Simple, cute, and enough. You know me well. Side note: Thank you Stephan for picking them!

Great choice on the card. Thuy-ram loves it! As Our friends said, : You still look young!

Just as I expected.

It was a SUCCESS. Thuy-Ram bash it became!

Thank you friends and company for all the fun filled night!

Highlights of my night:

  • One hundred, One Hundred, One hundred
  • Us Asians and this B/W guy
  • Elevator sac punch–Andrada on the floor
  • Dancin’ on stage–space + fresh air + no sweat
  • Thuy and Melody bieber– “Me: If I was your girlfriend; Melody: Never let me go
  • Albatrosse–James turning red as he gets closer to solving the riddle
  • Machine gun–Amy’s machine gun sound
  • Riddles–never gets old–get those neurotransmitters forming
  • Our nicknames–Thuy-ram, Vik-thuy, twig-ram.

I hope that was worth while for ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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