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One of my favorite Vietnamese spot in Beaverton: Tan Tan Cafe and Deli. Family owned and sweet ladies serving. I have became friends with these ladies that serve my half and I every time we go there. Quite odd to me, but every time I speak in Vietnamese, other Vietnamese people are shock out of their mind. I am mistaken for to be Chinese or mixed with other sorts of Asian ethnicity. Small conversations, GREAT food. Almost like a fast food Vietnamese hot spot! There are plenty I have tried here and everything is YUM. My favorite of all times is the Banh Xeo Cuon. Here are some photos for you to make your mouth salivate!

If you ever make it add beer to the batter.  Just a bit (about 1/3 cup), it makes the pancake thing and crisp.  I typically use Heineken.  I can’t live without my fish sauce.  It smells bad to others who aren’t use to it, but I love it.  It entices my meals. Rice paper makes it easier to eat and the joy of making the wrap is fun, time consuming a bit, and keeps you occupied as your stomach is digesting the delish dish.  Before you know it you can’t stuff your face too much.  For me by my 3rd roll I’m already filled!

Great way for portion control.


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