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Inspirational juice of the day.

While commenting back and forth on each others blog, smilingtoad took me through a journey of how the Wanderlust shots came about. I admire nature+ sunset+ beach+ photography all in one. Smilingtoad had them all in his wanderlust shots. He shared this and it took me into a beautiful/visual deep journey filled with fun as capture the photos of what his eye saw:

smilingtoad said:

August 20, 2012 at 1:27 PM

Oh thank you! When we pulled up, and I noted the sunset, I realized, “Oh would it not be the most brilliant plot to get a shot with the lighthouse figure to the right?” “Yes! Brilliant” I responded to myself. I craned and hopped and darted all around, nearly crashing into a couple walking some very large dogs in my ardour, but this image was impossible from either the beach or the usual path. I looked down and saw a mini-mire, sort of swamp, many mosquitoe-swathed mangrove trees humming, and a “path” that was really mud-flat. I had no wellies, and was at the mercy of the blood-loving insects. I dashed right into the sinking, slimy mud, nearly slipped right into oblivion, but managed a bit of balance, ands moved along as fast I could, mud squishing, splashing, dashing all over me. I continued with a tenacity, hopping onto a rescuing rock or root whenever possible. It wound around and finally met the water and some SAND. The water chimed as it rushed along, smelling of brine- and I found paradise. Hooo worth it!! Only a few dedicated fishermen, and nutty photographer-wish-oh-wish-they-weres, get to gaze upon this sight. Right ho! Thank you for the comment! Many smiling cheers,

Autumn Jade


tee2envisage said:

August 20, 2012 at 1:39 PM

Wow, you just took me through a beautiful/visual journey you had! Can I tell you this is what happens when I myself see something beautiful that needs to be captured so I can show the world? The dashing between couples walking their dog, I can totally relate to that! My friend and family thinks I’m crazy when my photography juices are captured by moments like this. What a fun craft to be passionate with eh? When the eye meets the beautiful craft, it is irresistible and inevitable to ignore!

Quote inspired during our conversation. Check out Wanderlust shots!

Have a happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch ya up later.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational juice of the day.

  1. Ha ha thank you for this, too groovy. I loved our little conversation. I was so happy to hear that you too suffer near collisions with ambulating couples with dogs. They always manage to get tangled up with the dashing photographer right at that cruicial moment- tragic it is. Cheered my heart.

    Thank you for the tribute, here. I am looking forward to future posting back and forth and many more photographic adventures to be shared. I love your designs, entries, and very superb photos- inspiring, creative, and oh so beautiful. Such excellent positive energy! Well done!!

    Thanks ever so much. The old barnacled brine-face that I am is touched. 😀

    -Autumn Jade

    • You are most welcome! I heart it too. Enjoyable and its now a part of my memory-box. Yes the suffer of collisions and side comments, furious expressions, and looks of confusion “who do you think you are” ones! I know you know what I’m taking about!!

      Plenty will be shared and its a forever continuous ferries wheel of conversations! Thank you for your kind words my friend. I’m appreciative that this blog is inspiring you!

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