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Thenadays Thursday: Laura

As I scramble through my album, I came across the photos of Laura; when I decided to go and test out my new tripod my half gifted to me.  With the natural lighting not being so great the tripod definitely helped a lot with these shots!  A plus side was a the model of mine. Willing, fun-filled, flexible, goofy, and gorgeous your are. Here are a few RAW, no editing, or tweaking photos to share our journey for the day.

A day out with Nikon and Laura photo opin’

I surrender!!!!

Swinging like Tarzan on the hanging twig!  The twigs were so natural and pretty.  One day I want to swing from a twig into the lake!

Gorgeous colorful stump we found along the way of our photo shoot.  I appreciate this art piece.

So pretty and beautiful you are! Thank your for being a sport in being my model even though you felt a little awkward that day!

Btw, great hearing from you! Your in my thoughts and prayer.


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