Metal cups from the mother land.  Additional authentic thai experience.  I heart to drink my H20 out of metal cups!

Amazingly it had a crisp to it and it was from the toasting the wok did to the noodles.  My first time experiencing pad thai like it was just finish cooking on the side of the street!


The hint of lemongrass mixed in with the pork was ohhh soo YUM!  One of my favorite Asian herbs.


One experience I had with trying to cook Rad Nar–Oh myyy it didn’t turn out so well due to my novice experience with starch.  I believe its been almost 2.5 years since that experience and I never ordered Rad Nar again. Finally my half couldn’t bear it anymore he was brave enough to order it again.  Ohhh I have to say he chose the right time and place to order it.  My fear of this dish disappeared as I tasted the great cooking of this Rad Nar.  The consistency of the gravy was just ohh soo right!  Rad Nar is back in my life.


The entree I ordered was the Suki Haeng- Glass noodles with squid, shrimp, and greens.  The sauce added more flavor which in my dishes of food I need/love FLAVOR!
In PDX and love Thai food?

Check out Mee Sen!


2 thoughts on “Meesen

  1. Exquisite shots! That first one I am especially enamoured with! I would adore drinking from a beautifully, delicately engraved metal cup like that. That is just gorgeous. Oh I can just feel that sluicing, refreshing coldness. Lovely entry here, beautiful!

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