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Additional year.

It has been a long week of work.  At last the weekend began and it was time to celebrate another year.  I came home to a trail of rose petals up the stairway.  I was surprised and in awe.  The little girl inside of me melted!  I had to stop and embrace the moment, and there he was, my half coming down the stairway to walk me up as I stood there frozen.  From the cake, to the present, to the roses sitting there on the table.  Last but not least all his hard work with the icing of the additional personal card.  From the design, to the details of the thought, and special thanks to the laser machine!  The time and thought he put into my gift was more than I could of asked for.  The very small detail to the big, he topped it as always.  The love coupons was well thought out I have to say.  I will make very great use of them and I must be wise when I choose to use them.  The love note touched me dearly.  Your love is more than enough. . as Justin Beiber would agree..”as long as you love me”.  Everything else is an addition.  He ended the night with taking me to dinner at St. Jack, a french cuisine.    Pleasant time sitting outside enjoying the breeze, dinner filled with flavorful dishes, and a must cocktail.  C’est bien!!!

From the sadness that overwhelmed me throughout my day at work, you wrapped my birthday up with soo much more Greatness and joy! Truly your the first to bring tears to my eyes with a surprise.  I applaud you for that as it is tough to do so with me.  Thank you my sweetheart for all you have done, did, and will do.  Every moment is cherished.  I look forward to the memories we will create this year! Truly I am blessed in every way. *Tear ducts filled with NaCl-ty H20* Love coupon photo captured by my half and the rest of photos taken by yours truly.


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