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Friends and I decided to take a camping trip to the Ollalie lake.  First time going camping! Other then first time camping, it was first:

  1. Seeing shooting star
  2. Making/eating smores
  3. Rowing a boat
  4. Being in a lake
  5. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods!

It was a SUCCESS! Thanks to my friends and my half for making it happen. It was awesome.  Weekend filled with many events. The night of riddle telling couldn’t have been anymore creepy and scary as it was unfolding.  Nice one for that Vik!  Now I have a mission to go hunt for another great riddle.  It just seems like when your in the mode of riddle telling it just keeps continuing until it dies out again.  Eventful weekend filled with jokes, hehhe and hahahahs and TEeeheheh, smiles, and lots of YUMS even during a camp =). Especially the cool spiral dog idea–my half found on .

Driving back we added a 5 miles floating trip down Clackamas River.  Boy there was a lot of in between before we actually got in the water!  Afterall it made it more worth while when we successfully got into the water after all the EPIC fails. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Highlight of my trip:

  • Andrada I’m forever lazy fire moment
  • Star Gazing
  • The Gold Medalist team on rowing
  • Photoshoot on Olallie lake dock–Owww my hip! haha
  • Albatross Soup Riddle
  • Reverse plank and then scissor–ahhhh

Stay Tune–more photos to come–from the other gals camera!
Have you ever gone camping?  What was the most memorable moment? Share.


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