Happy 1 yr in PDX!

Same time last year I was gathering my belongings and leaving MIA.  It was a hard decision to make knowing I was about to begin my life in a completely new place (opposite of the world i knew), new season of my life, and many decisions to make to accomplish my goals.  Looking back on hind sight, its one of the best decisions I have made yet.  Who would of thunk you can grow so much within one year?  It started with one small step of faith and now I can say this is where I belong for the mean time.  PDX has plenty to offer and I love every bit of it.  We are made to bend and adapt to whatever environment we are in.  Take a step of faith and don’t be afraid to “TRY”.  You’ll be surprised on what accomplishments you will attain.  What big decision did you have to make?

Quote from Sabo Skirt


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