My Alberta street roaming.

While waiting for my half to get groomed…I decided to take a journey on Alberta street.  A strip of a plethora of exploring to do!  I visited small shops of clothes and accessories.  There is also plentiful of places to grub.  While exploring, I stumbled upon this small owned consignment shop.

The Lady of Shallot (on Alberta street inside art studio 1627)..Its tucked away, but worth stopping in.  Adriana greeted me with such a warm welcoming into her space.  After our conversation she inspired me to continue to be open and know its never too late to act on your passions.   Her life has so much “spice” added because of her experience and exposure to life outside of her Ecuadorian world.   Just as each person is different and unique, each culture is different and unique.   Very warm touch to my day. She inspired me & I walked away with appreciation + this quote..


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